Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New, Monthly Give Away!!! Plus Give Away Winner, Stocking News, and more!

Monthly Product Highlight and Give Away!

New, starting right now, I am going to attempt to blog about one products at a time, and run a give away for that product!  I'm am going to start with the lesser known products (like wash clothes and wet bags!), and ramp up to giving away our most popular products (Adult Pocket Diapers and Stuffable Briefs).  Scroll Down for products highlight and giveaway!

Part of this idea also includes updating our Review Pages!  Did you know we have tons of company and product reviews on our website??  Check out these Reviews!

12th Anniversary Give Away Winner!

But first, we need to announce the winner of our 12th Anniversary Give Away....drum roll please.....

Daniel M won with his blog comment,

"Your adult diapers are great!!! But for daytime I would buy some more of your Stuffable Briefs.

Congratulations Daniel!  You just won a $50 store credit!

And, before I get to this month's product highlight and give away, I want to let you know what we have stocked this week!

September 13, 2016

Pocket Diapers
Regular Rise Extra Large - Seaspray, White
Regular Rise Large - Seaspray
Regular Rise Medium - Berry Pink, Ice Blue, Lemon Yellow

AIO Training Pants
Child Medium - Seaspray
Child Large - Seaspray

Snap-EZ Second Quality Items

All the following Pocket Diapers and STuffalbe Briefs are
"gently used"(for $15 ea), or "used, 2 MIL PUL" (for $10 ea)
(which means that they are the old labels, from more than 2 years ago,
but they are still quite servicable).
***I highly recommend stripping these before using***
Pocket Diapers
Regular Rise Large - Celery, Cotton Candy Pink, Lilac, Seaspray
Low Rise Large - Butter Yellow, Berry Pink, Celery,
(2) Cotton Candy Pink, Frost Blue, Lilac, Seaspray
Stuffable Briefs
Adult Medium - Cotton Candy Pink, Frost Blue
Adult Large - Celery, Frost Blue, Lilac, Seaspray

September Product Highlight:  Wet Bags and Velour Wipes!

Snap-EZ Wet Bags

Pail Liners will fit a diaper pail that is 35 - 46 inches at the opening and they are 30 inches deep!  Medium Wet Bags are 13" wide by 14" long.  The top edge has elastic sewn in the seam and then a snap strap (like umbrellas) to hold it closed.
These are great for holding your soiled diapers without getting  your diaper bag wet and  helps reduce any odors.  They are also great for dirty cloths,  swim cloths, toys, whatever!  I recommend wringing out drenched/rinsed items as these are not truly water tight, like a baggy.

 Leaving a review in the comments will net you 5 entries!  

Please take a minute or two and read what our customers have shared about our these on our Snap-EZ Wet Bags Review Page!
Retail Prices:
Pail Liners - $19.00 ea
Wet Bags - $14.00 ea

Snap-EZ Velour Wipes 

Our Snap-EZ Velour Wipes are so hand for so many things!  Keep them with your cloth diapers to help with clean up, and just throw them in the wet bag with the diapers and wash everything together!  But these can be used for so many other things!  
I LOVE to use these to remove my make up!  They are so soft and gentle on the skin!  These are also great for wiping faces and hand clean when you have a little one that is messy! We even use these for household chores at my home!  Washing sinks, counters, tubs...you name it, these are great little clothes for any clean up job.  
Best part is, you don't have to throw them away - you just toss them in the wash and use them again, and again, and again!  I have some that have been in use in my home for going on 12 years now!

So far, we don't have any customer reviews for our amazing wipes, so please tell us how you love them if you have had the great experience of owning some!

 Leaving a review in the comments will net you 5 entries!  

Retail Price - $10.00 for 6 Wipes

On October 1, we will draw three winners!
First Place - One Snap-EZ Pail Liner Wet Bag
Second Place - One Snap-EZ Wet Bag
Third Place - 6 Snap-EZ Velour Wipes

**NEW!  Leave a review for our company or the products that we are highlighting to gain the most entries!  If you have not had the pleasure of working with us or owning one of our products, tell us how you heard about us and what you heard...tell us what people are raving about regarding us or our products!  You can leave a review for each one of the products we are giving away, plus one for our company...you just have to come back each day to leave a new review in the comments!**

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