Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Coupon Codes!

February Ordering Incentive!

It's tax time and that means I have to pay the accountant, among other things!
In case any of my long term customers are wondering,
Yes, we are still running Snap-EZ Debt Free!
It's not easy, but it is so wonderful to accomplish!

To help me get this done, I've created the following coupon codes
to give you, my wonderful customers, a reason to order now!

Coupon Codes! 
"Feb7" = 7% off orders of $100 or more
"Feb14" = 14% off order of $200 or more

**All orders over $100 also get free shipping (to US and Canada)
Codes expire on Feb 28
***Items purchased from the Discontinued/Seconds page do not count towards free shipping,
but they can be discounted further using the coupon codes!!!

Discontinued Colors/Old Label Products:

Here is what we have in stock as of  2/2/16

Pocket Diapers:
Multi-Size Infant - 4 Butter Yellow, 8 Celery, 1 Frost Blue
***These make great baby doll diapers**
Multi-Size Baby - Sold Out!
Multi-Size Toddler - 1 Butter Yellow
Youth Small -5 Butter Yellow, 1 Lavender
Youth Medium - 6 Butter Yellow, 4 Cherry,
1 Frost Blue, 1 Seaspray, 1 White
Low Rise Small - 6 Celery, 3 Cherry, 4 Seaspray, 2 White
Low Rise Medium - 3 Cherry, 3 Frost Blue
Low Rise Large - 2 Celery, 5 Cherry
Low Rise Extra Large -1 Butter Yellow
Regular Rise Small - 1 Bluebell, 3 Butter Yellow, 3 Celery,
4 Cherry, 2 Cotton Candy Pink, 1 Frost Blue,
4 Lavendar, 4 Seaspray, 4 White
Regular Rise Medium - Sold Out!
Regular Rise Large - Sold Out!
Regular Rise Extra Large Sold Out!

Stuffable Briefs:
Child Medium - 1 Cherry, 1 Pink, 3 Frost Blue, 1 Seaspray, 3 White
Child Large - Sold Out!
Youth Small - Sold Out!
Youth Medium - Sold Out!
Adult Small - 2 Cherry, 4 Frost Blue
Adult Medium - Sold Out!
Adult Large - 4 Frost Blue
Adult Extra Large - 1 Lavender
AIO training Pants:
Child Medium - 2 Frost Blue
Child Large -Sold Out!
Youth Small - Sold Out!
Youth Medium - 4 Lavender

Snap Extenders:
Multi-Size/Youth - Sold Out
SM/MD - Sold Out
LG/XL - Berry Pink, Bluebell, Blueberry, Cherry and Grape

Wet Bags:
Wet Bage Size - Frost Blue
Pail Liners - Frost Blue