Monday, December 28, 2015

Stocking, Prices Lower Still, Discount Codes and More!

The last six months have been the most difficult in my life. I have faced the difficulties of my daughter's baby being diagnosed with Trisomy 18, his subsequent death and still birth, multiple physical challenges as well as the constant demands of a large family and two children with special needs.  I have recently written a long blog post about the last six months, and you can read it on my blog, 13 Blessings

I have had to focus on my home, family and my health, and my involvement in Snap-EZ has been minimal.  I am sorry about this, as for some this has meant that I have not answered emails in a timely manner, and our orders have taken longer than normal to ship out.
Last month I hired one of our seamstresses to come in and do the shipping for me, and I also was able to hire someone to do most of the cutting for me as well!  So things are improving!

Today I finally had a day that I could devote to catching up on the stocking and inventory!

I went through every drawer and updated all inventory!  I even listed every item left in the Discontinued/Seconds page, and created a list on my News Page!

I updated our shopping pages so that I could stock the new colors coming in!

I updated the Discontinued/Seconds Products to reflect accurate stock, and lowered the prices! There are even new products stocked in both the discontinued and seconds! Everything on that page is now at least 50% off retail prices!

I also stocked all the products that have been produced in the last 6 weeks - there was lots, especially in the new colors!

To help you get what you need, and help me to get more materials orders, I've created a shopping code for you to use if you place your order in the next 16 days!

Please use the code "Happy2016" and get 16% off your order of at least $100!!

**coupon code expires on 1/14/2016**

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