Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Snap Extenders and Feminine Pads Added to Discontinued Page!

I worked all afternoon to create the needed ordering menus
 so I could move the discontinued colors and old labels over
 for the Snap Extenders and Feminine Pads! 
 I finally got it all done!

PLUS I had forgotten that I had not included a drop down selection for the 
Regular Rise Pocket Diapers in Large and Extra Large, 
even though I stocked many in those sizes in the discontinued colors!!!!
 That has now been fixed!!!

Check out what's available now by visiting our Discontinued Page!  

Scroll down to find the new entries for Snap Extenders and Feminine Pads!!

These are already marked down over 30% 
so they won't have the extra 20% taken off when added to the shopping cart.

Order early or they might just disappear!

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