Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Discontinued Colors Moved, Save over 30% Now!

Discontinued Colors
All Moved!
Save Over 30% 
When you add any item from our Seconds, Overstock/Old Label Listings and your shopping cart will automatically give you anadditional 20% "volume discount"
bringing your overall savings to approximately 36% off our regular retail!

I've just moved all the
following colors to our
Discontinued Products Page! 
Cotton Candy Pink
Frost Blue
You may find out regular shopping page to be out of stock in many  of the colors we are keeping, but we are working hard to fill those spots!
AIO Training Pants - New Colors Now In Stock!
You can also order any size in the new colors in
Wet Bags, Snap Extenders,
Feminine Pads and Nursing Pads!

Go Shopping!!!!  

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