Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Flash Sale - Coupon Codes!!!

The first bin of new colors left
with a seamstress today!

But here's the all are waiting, I know it!
But I need cash flow to get these finished.
 For some reason my seamstresses like to be paid!

So I have a few incentives to get you to order now
and again once the new colors come in!
I have entered a code that will 
every single one you put in your cart!

Then, go a little wild and order from the rest of our stock.
Either way, you can use these codes to save even more!!!

Use the code "Flash10" to get 10% off orders of any amount 
Use the code "Flash20" to get 20% off orders of $200+ 

The coupon codes will be good until June 17, 2017!

If this sale goes well, you will be seeing the first of the new colors stocked in about 2 weeks or less!!!! 

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