Thursday, May 28, 2015

Out With the Old! Savings Galore! Give Away too!

It's Time!

Old Labels Need To Go!

 Can you believe it's been almost 1 1/2 years
 since we introduced our new label design?

3 old labels going away, leaving just our new, awesome label! I have gone through all our inventory and have purged all the products with the old labels!
 Go Shopping For Them On Our Discontinued/Seconds Shopping Page! 

PLUS I found that we had oodles of overstocked items, 
so I've moved them there as well
(mostly Butter Yellow for some reason!)
I have reduced the prices 20% so we can clear them
 out before we introduce the new colors!
 Here's the best part:
 The Coupon Codes are Still good for another 3 days so you save even more!
 Use the code "Spring5" to get 5% off orders of any amount
Use the code "Fling10" to get 10% off orders of $100+
Use the code "SpringFling15" to get 15% off orders $200+
The coupon codes will be good until May 31!
(keep reading to get to the give away!)
New Colors are In The House!
 Good News First:
 So far I have Spring Green, Strawberry,
Lemon Yellow and Ice Blue.
 Not so Good News:
 I found a stash of Cotton Candy Pink,
Seaspray and Frost Blue PUL.
 Strawberry, Spring Green, Lemon Yellow and Ice Blue
(the colors are brighter unwrapped)

So temporarily I am holding off on cutting the new colors until I've gone through
at least most of what I have in these colors, while trying to keep a decent level
of stock in the colors that we will be continuing to stock.
 I am hoping to begin stocking the new colors
toward the end of June though!
 Your patience is appreciated!
(keep reading to get to the give away!) 

Stocking Updates and News!

 Spring Cleaning!!!!
 I haven't stocked in over a week, but I did go through our entire inventory with
  care and found so many products that had made it into our drawers
 without being stocked! 
So check out what you are looking for and see if there's anything new.
 Overstock Discounted
 Be sure to check out our Discontinued and Seconds Page
as we now have everything with our old labels there
 as well as some overstock items and a new list of second quality items!
 Future Stocking
 I will continue to stock products as they arrive, 
and a seamstress that used to work for me is back
 and will begin sewing the Stuffable Briefs and AIO Training Pants
 so we should get our inventory in better shape soon there!
 New Help!
I am also training a new gal to do cutting for me,
 which has been the biggest glitch in production in the last few years, 
so if cash flow can keep up, you should be 
seeing a better stock in the near future!

Spread the News! 

Please help us spread the news of
all the ways to save right now at Snap-EZ

To give you incentive to do this, Please participate in the following give away!

Be the VERY FIRST to have a
Snap-EZ Product in Your Choice of the New Colors!!!

I will draw two names from the entries and each will get
Their choice of one product, any produce, any size

in their choice of Strawberry, Lemon Yellow,
Spring Green or Ice Blue!!!

PLUS I will personally make that product for them!

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