Thursday, April 30, 2015

I'm Back...Spring Fling Sale and News!


Spring is In The Air - Lemon Yellow and Spring Green are on their way to you!!!

Spring Fling Sale

To help with cash flow so I can order in the new colors faster,
I have created some coupon Codes for my wonderful customers to use!
You save, and I order - great cooperation, right?

Use the code "Spring5" to get 5% off your order of any amount
Use the code "Fling10" to get 10% off your order of $100 or moer
Use the code "SpringFling15" to get 15% off your order of $200 or more

The coupon codes will be good until May 31!
But order early, especially if you are ordering the discontinued colors,
if you are ordering the discontinued colors,
as once they are gone, they are gone forever!
Just a reminder - the discontinued colors are:
Cotton Candy Pink

Yeah, that store credit give away?  I was not able until not to do anything about it!  Just after I launched that, Christy ended up in the hospital with RSV for a week, and Esther for one night.  During their hospital stay, I ended up so sick I couldn't even function for several days.  I also got two other viruses almost back to back, so in the last 2 months, I've only been semi healthy for about 6 days. So, yeah, computer time was not an option, especially with the vertigo I experiences during the lasta 3 weeks of my sinus infection!

So, at long last, the winner has been drawn and Judith!

Oh - and I stocked a bunch today that had come in while I was down!  Check out my News Page to see what I stocked!

And the final colors??  Here they are, including one that I thought about later,

New Colors are:
Ice Blue (had the most votes!)
Strawberry (new name, was Raspberry)
Spring Green (nice bright Green)
Lemon Yellow

Colors staying mostly the same:
Frost Blue
Blueberry (darker royal blue)
Butter Yellow

Did you count the total?  Yes, when all is done, we will be offering more colors than before!

I have ordered the Spring Green and Lemon Yellow today, so you might see them coming into stock by the end of May!

I hope to have most of the colors coming into stock by the end of the summer, but it is a slow process now that I no longer use credit to run the business - cash flow is everything now!!!

Once the new colors come in, at some point, I will be moving the discontinued colors to the discontinued products page, but that will be nearer the end of the summer, unless the inventory in those colors gets quite low, then I will do it sooner.

Thanks for your patience while I was out of commission!  Prayers for renewed health appreciated!

Oh, and if you were curious, Christy is doing great!  We are close to getting her up and standing!



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