Thursday, March 5, 2015

Vote for the Colors You Want!

Be A Part of the Change! Vote for your color choices!

Comment below if you want to help me to decide what colors are added!  We used to have Ice Blue, Grape and Raspberry in our colors, but dropped them about 4 years ago, so some of you might remember those colors!  So let me know if you want:
Cherry (slightly darker than our current Cherry)
 Blueberry (a darker blue)
 Ice Blue (and baby blue)
Grape (a royal purple)
Lemon Yellow (a very bright yellow)
 Violet (a pinky lavender)
Raspberry (a hot pink)

We will continue carrying Butter Yellow, Celery, Seaspray and White.  Currently we offer a total of 9 colors, and I plan to have at least that many again eventually!

Over the next few months, as I can afford it, I will be ordering the new colors and begin stocking them.  So help me decide what to bring in by voting in the comments below!

Plus I will be doing a give away for a $25 store credit
using this rafflecopter giveaway!!!

Giveaway ends midnight, March 13!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I would choose Violet or Raspberry.

  2. I would choose very bright Yellow

  3. I like the violet, grape and ice blue.

  4. Ice Blue and Violet would be nice! Anne S.

  5. I like the Cherry, Blueberry and Grape!

  6. I like the blueberry and ice blue. I have one of the light blue diapers and really like the color!