Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Biggest, Best, and Possibly the Shortest Sale in Snap-EZ History!

The Biggest, Best, and Possibly the Shortest Sale 
in Snap-EZ History! 
We had a great sale in January and it helped us so much, but there's still a few things I forgot about the need to pay for our tax accountant's fee and we are in desparate need to purchase some fabrics and sewing supplies!

I have a set figure in mind, and when sales reach that magic number, this sale ends!  If lots of customers place their orders quickly, this could be a one day sale!  If not it may go on for these coupon codes will end within 24 hours of the sales reaching the magic (secret number. 

However, I will send out another newsletter warning everyone that the coupon code will expire the day we reach the magic number!!!!
 "QuickSale" = 35% off any order!!

PLUS Free Shipping on all  

US and Canadian orders over $100!!
  Snooze You Lose!!!
Go Shopping Now!

UPDATE!!!!  As of 5 pm PST we have reached halfway to my goal, with juts 15 orders!  Sale might just end tonight or tomorrow!!!!!!!

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