Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Change is Coming to Snap-EZ! Color Changes and Price Increases

 Changes are Coming

Notice no exclamation point there?  Yeah, I don't like change, and you probably don't either.  I like keeping things the way they are, know what I mean?  Two things are going to be changing here at Snap-EZ:

Change of Colors

Well, change is something that can happen without our permission, as is the case here.  My supplier of PUL (the outer fabric in nearly every product we make), has quit manufacturing this fabric.  So I have to switch to another manufacturer.  Here's the problem - they don't make the same colors.  So our color line up will be gradually changing over the next few months.  It may take up to a year to get all the new colors into production, I really have no idea!

Colors that will be changing:
Bluebell - new "Blueberry" will be darker, I may or may not keep this color
Cherry - new color is darker, I may or may not keep this color
Cotton Candy Pink - will no longer be available
So if you like Bluebell, and Cherry, what I have in stock is pretty much all we will ever have as we are out of those fabrics, grab them while you can.  I do have some yardage of the pink, so they will be restocked until we are out of that color.

Potential New Colors
Ice Blue,  Lemon YellowGrape,  Violet and/or Raspberry
Colors that are not changing significantly
are Butter Yellow, Celery, Frost Blue, Lavender, Seaspray and White.  These may be slight hue changes, but not enough to freak out about.

Price Increase March 1, 2015

I have held off as long as I can.  The cost of my microfleece has more than doubled in the last year due to having to purchase from a different supplier (sound familiar?)  and the cost of PUL, hemp and fold over elastic have all risen in the last couple of years, and the cost of shipping has risen as well.

As of 10 pm PST February 28, I will increasing the prices of all our products by 5 - 10%, the lower priced items will go up less, the larger/high priced items will go up more.  I thought you, my loyal customers would like to know this in advance, so now you know.
Remember, Free Shipping on all  
US and Canadian orders over $100!!

Be A Part of the Change! Vote for your color choices!

Comment below if you want to help me to decide what colors are added!  We used to have Ice Blue, Grape and Raspberry in our colors, but dropped them about 4 years ago, so some of you might remember those colors!  So let me know if you want:
Cherry (slightly darker than our current Cherry)
 Blueberry (a darker blue)
 Ice Blue (and baby blue)
Grape (a royal purple)
Lemon Yellow (a very bright yellow)
 Violet (a pinky lavender)
Raspberry (a hot pink)


  1. Cherry and Lemon yellow are excellent low vision/special needs colors, I also like blueberry but my 8 year old would vote red & yellow - no doubt :-)