Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year Sale! Jessica's Married

The Princess Bride!

Their First Kiss...ever, to anyone!
What a whirlwind of a month!  Holidays, and then my oldest daughter, and our shipping department head, got married on January 3!  I have to say that having a daughter get married is nothing like having a son get married!  But it was a beautiful wedding and she looked like a princess!

But the bills, oh my!  

So it's time for our annual New Year Sale, and boy do I need this and hope this helps you out as well!

The father, daughter dance

Plus I just stocked a bunch of products too so inventory is good and I will be stocking new items again in about a week!
"ShesMarried " = 10% off any order
"Happy2015" = 15% off any order that totals $150 or more!
 "NewYear20" = 20% off any order that totals $300 or more!
PLUS Free Shipping on all  
US and Canadian orders over $100!!
These codes will be good until 1/31/2015!  
Order early for best selection!
Go Shopping Now!

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