Friday, November 14, 2014

Esther and Christy hospitalized...we need your help!

As of this morning Esther is in the hospital in our local hospital recovering for her first asthma attack - we nearly lost her on Wednesday night.  She went for normal/recovering from a virus to fighting for her life in under 2 hours.  Yesterday Christy underwent her planned surgical procedures to remove her tonsils and adenoids and to have a G-Tube Placed, and this took place at Seattle Children's Hospital (2 hour drive from home).  I am with Christy, Jessica (my daughter and shipping person for Snap-EZ) is staying with Esther.  Daryl has to work as we used up all his vacation time with our adoption trip.  Esther is possibly going to go home today, but Christy will most likely not be going home until sometime after Saturday.  She is currently having a tough time keeping her oxygen levels are a decent level, dropping into the 80s when sleeping and on oxygen.  

Needless to say we are stretched and are incurring unexpected and expected "out of the ordinary" expenses.

Plus Jessica is getting married in we are really being stretched!  We know the holidays are not the time most people are in the market for cloth diapers, so I'm hoping to encourage my faithful customers to place an order now and help us through this tough times. 

Of course, your prayers are coveted as well!

If it helps you to place an order, please use the codes below to save!

And, of course, we might take longer than usual to get orders shipped out since both Jessica and I are not able to work!

10" = 10% off any order that totals $100 or more!
15" = 15% off any order that totals $200 or more!
 " = 20% off any order that totals $300 or more!
" = 25% off any order that totals $400 or more!

PLUS Free Shipping on all 
US and Canadian orders over $100!!

These codes will be good until Nov 26,2014!  
Order early for best selection!

Go Shopping Now!

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