Saturday, August 16, 2014

Week 8 - Snap-EZ Adult Regular Rise Pocket Diaper Sale and Give Away!

Snap-EZ's 10th Anniversary

10 Weeks of Celebrating - 
Week #8!

Every week, for 10 weeks, I'm going to be holding a Rafflecopter give-away right here on this blog AND I'm going to do a drawing for a $10 gift certificate taking the entries from those who place an order that week (order of $25 or more will qualify for the drawing)!  Each week I will be highlighting one or two Snap-EZ Products, having a sale on those products and doing a give-away for them too! 

For more details on what we are celebrating - read my first blog post about this anniversary!

Congratulations to Week #7's winners!

Sarah W. won the Set of 2 Snap-EZ Youth or Adult Low Rise Pocket Diapers
Monique E. won the Set of 1 Snap-EZ Youth or Adult Low Rise  Diaper
Bruno L. won the $10 Store Credit!
(entrants were all customer who place an order that week for at least $25,
and I used to generate a random number to determine the winner)

So, now we are on week 8, and here's the give-away and the Sale!  

We are highlighting our Snap-EZ Regular
 Rise Pocket Diapers!!
(Scroll down for sale prices and give away raffle)

Snap-EZ Regular Rise Pocket Diapers

Snap-EZ Pocket Diapers all feature the following:

*waterproof outer fabric ( 1 MIL polyurethane Laminate), available in 11 colors,
*top quality Microfleece,  so you feels dry all the time!
*Lastin elastic (designed for salt water swim wear - keeps working years after regular elastic give us!
*Roomy pocket in the back, with elastic all around, to make stuffing easy and keeps skin away from the waterproof fabric!

The Snap-EZ Regular Rise Pocket Diapers come with 3 rows of snaps on the Smalls and Medium, the Large and Extra Large Low Rise come with 4 rows of snaps.

The Adult Pocket Diapers come in Regular Rise and Low Rise styles.

The Regular Rise Style is designed for great overnight or heavy wetness protection.  With a wider crotch and longer rise much larger/more inserts can be put into the diaper for amazing absorbency!

You can also adjust the absorbency by adding more inserts or soakers to keep you dry in all situations!

Snap-EZ Pocket Diapers come in many sizes to cover everything from a preemie newborn to adult extra large!  Plus if you need XXL you can order Snap-Extenders to make the XL into an XXL, or if you have purchased one size, but need more room now, you can order the Snap-Extenders to make the pocket diaper you have into the next size up!

For more information visit our
Snap-EZ Pocket Diaper Information Page!
Read Customer Reviews on
Snap-EZ Youth and Adult Pocket Diapers

I have an Adult Regular Rise Extra Large pocket diaper and I love it. It is very well made and seems like it will hold up for a long time. It holds a lot of inserts and easily gets me through the night. Washing is easy- just remove inserts and wash. I plan on purchasing more.   I purchased the Snap-EZ Snap Extenders for my Adult Regular Rise pocket diaper to make it bigger. They work very well and have the same soft lining on the inside as the pocket diapers do. I am pleased with them.   Tara

Week of Aug 16 - Aug 22 Sale Prices:
Adult Regular Rise Small - $34, now $23.00
Adult Regular Rise Medium - $38 now $26.00
Adult Regular Rise Large - $42, now $28.00
Adult Regular Rise Extra Large - $44, now $30.00

And for our give-away, we are going to draw two winners!
First Place Winner will receive 2 Snap-EZ Regular Rise Rise Pocket Diapers
in the size they choose!
Second Place Winner will receives Snap-EZ Regular  Rise Diapers in the size they choose!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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