Friday, June 27, 2014

10 Weeks to celebrate Snap-EZ's 10th Anniversary!

Can you believe it?  

Ten years ago, sometime in May or June, I was introduced to the world of pocket diapers by my dear friend, Heidi.  Of course I couldn't afford to purchase any, but I knew how to sew and I got BUSY!.   I experimented with flannel and fleece baby blankets until I got the pattern right, and then got a couple yards of PUL and microfleece and a handful of snaps and away I went.  The diapers I made for my son, using a hammer as a snap press!) worked out so well that I decided to try selling one with the left over fabric I had.  It sold on Ebay right away.  So I took that money and used it to buy more fabric and put a few diapers up on Ebay, and they sold....I did it again and then I started getting customer coming back and asking for more/where can I buy a dozen!  That was the beginning of a business that has now lasted 10 years!

Snap-EZ Logos Through the Years!

Usually we celebrate our anniversary in August as that is when we came up with the name, Snap-EZ.  But this is such a big event, I decided to start celebrating according to when I started making the PUL pocket diapers and listing them on Ebay - the beginning of July.

So we are going to be celebrating
Snap-EZ's 10th Anniversary for 10 Weeks!

Every week, for 10 weeks, I'm going to be holding a Rafflecopter give-away right here on this blog AND I'm going to do a drawing for a $10 gift certificate taking the entries from those who place an order that week (order of $25 or more will qualify for the drawing)!  Each week I will be highlighting one or two Snap-EZ Products, having a sale on those products and doing a give-away for them too!  I really think we are in a great position now to increase traffic to our site and I have in place the crew I need to meet the needs of more customers and enable them to experience the blessings of the wonderful fit and feel of our Snap-EZ products!

"The new adult stuff able briefs are fantastic." Gary

To prepare for this incredible milestone, I asked for reviews for our products and we got some great ones!  It warmed my heart to hear of customers who have found that our products have changed their lives and met their needs.  People who live with incontinence are people who live with adversity every day.  Our products give them comfort and control and even some encouragement with the wonderful range of colors too - disposables are always white!

"I have used these with 2 of my children and will be using them shortly with one more. Wish I had known about them for my first!" Stephanie

We have new reviews for almost every product we make - pocket diapers, briefs, training pants, nursing pads, feminine pads, wet bags and more!  Even if you don't use all these products, I'd recommend taking a few moments and look through the new reviews and consider who in your life might benefit from our products and share the reviews/our site with them!  I can not tell you how many times customers have commented to me, "If only I had found you years ago!!"  Please take some time and check out the new reviews that I have added!

"These [hemp/cotton folding inserts] are super absorbent.... I decided to order one of these to try and my son loved them and asked if I could please order enough for all his pockets so he could use them all the time." Tara

Click Here to read the Snap-EZ Customer Reviews!

But there's more! 

I have two other awesome things I want to celebrate with you all!

First, I wanted to make use of this time of extra traffic/exposure to announce that I have started a second home business, sharing something I LOVE - Young Living Essential Oils!  I started making a business, Scents and Scentsibility Young Living Oils of this last spring, and I think I've got a good start now and really want to share how much these superb oils have improved my health and that of my family, and how you too can enjoy the benefits of essential oils in your home and maybe even get them paid for - just by sharing with friends and family and getting them to try them and find how they can help them!  If you want to read the whole story of how I got started with Young Living 2 1/2 years ago and why Young Living is THE BEST essential oils company on the planet, Check out my post about Why Young Living Oils!

But I saved the best for last!

May I introduce to you, our beloved Christiana!  We brought her into our lives on May 7 and spent 10 days in a hotel with her in Bulgaria.  We then brought her home (a grueling 31 hour trip).  She is doing so well - beyond all my hopes and dreams!  I was prepared for the worst, but she has been the best!  She is loved by our children and she love them right back!  God has so richly blessed us through this amazing journey of adoption.  I stand amazed and His love for me.  So we are also celebrating His gift of Christiana to our family too!

And to include this in our celebration, I will have some incentives for people to visit the amazing website that showed us the great need for children of special needs, around the world, to be adopted - in most cases it is saving a life.  Have you ever thought about adoption being for the child's sake?  You know, so many adoptions are started because a couple want the family that they desire and want to get the child that will fulfill their dreams.  But in the case of these precious lives, they need us, they need our families, they need to be saved from a life of abandonment and a future with very little to no hope.  Even if you are not interested in adopting, you can help - even just take a moment and share Reece's Rainbow with someone today - maybe God is calling you friend, relative, acquaintance to rescue on of these children and He will use YOU to make it happen!  I can guaranteed you will NEVER regret taking time to help a child!

So here it is -

Week #1 Sale:

 Snap-ez Pail Liners - Reg $19, just $14
 Snap-EZ Wet Bags - Reg $14, just $9
 Snap-EZ Cotton Velour Washcloths - Reg $9/6, now just $6/6

WEEK #1 Give Away!

Two winners will be drawn:

The First Place Winner A Wet Bag Set -
 1 Snap-EZ Pail Liner and 1 Snap-EZ Wet Bag
The Second Winner - 12 Snap-EZ Cotton Velour Washcloths!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, June 20, 2014

My Newest Blog/Business - Scents & Scentsibility, Young Living Oils

Peace & Calming has been my favorite, and I'm on my 4th bottle!
It helps my little settle into bed at night, and helps me to calm down
when I have a busy or stressful day!

I have recently begun to take my use of Young Living Essential Oils more seriously!  I have been using them for 2 1/2 years now, but have pretty much kept that to myself.  But that changed.  I have begun experiencing so many ways that these oils have improved my health and dealt with illnesses and cleaning problems and even made some of my foods/drinks taste better!
Panaway is my "go to" for all kinds of pain plus headaches too!
 I have started my new business by launching the Scents & Scentsibility Facebook Group (please join!) and also a blog, Scents & Scentsibility, Young Living Oils!   With only a few weeks effort, I have already started getting people involved, helped others with using oils in their home, and best of all I have started to get commission checks!
Purification is used daily in my home for insect bites,
 insect repellentbee stings, cuts and scrapes, infections, an air purifier and more!

On a recent blog post, Why Young Living Oils, Aren't They All the Same?, I wrote all about why I use Young Living Oils, comparing them to those you get at your local store, as well as why Young Living is a company you can trust and why their oils are the best and purest - they are the number one selling essential oils in the US!  It is a thriving and growing company that produces the brand of essential oils that more of my friends that I can even name off the top of my head are already using (and starting their own businesses too)!
Valor is my newest favorite!  It helps me "take on the day"
and tackle the mounds of work I face everyday.
With a cup of coffee and some Valor,
There's nothing I can't accomplish!
At least I like to think that way.

You don't have to start a business to use these - I didn't....for 2 years that is.  But you just need to go to my blog post all about this and check our my blog and FB group and you'll see why I totally am excited about this new development!
I use Thieves for so many things - laundry, cleaning counters,
hand sanitizing, killing germs in the air, killing germs on surfaces
when we traveland it just plain smells wonderful!
 I use Thieves Hand Sanitizer andThieves Toothpaste too and love both!

Everyday I'm learning more, and sharing what I learn, and finding ways to use the oils in our home so we can stop using over-the-counter medications and improve our health and have a healthier home!

Here's some fun graphics I posted just today - happy weekend and See you over there!