Friday, May 2, 2014

New Seconds Quality Items and Other Products Stocked!

Second Quality Products

ALL NEW Added May 2, 2014!
Multi-Size Infant Pocket Diapers
Frost Blue
Youth Medium Pocket Diapers in Celery and Seaspray

NEW Adult Low Rise Extra Large in Celery
Baby, Child and Youth Hemp/Cotton Foldable Inserts!!!!!

May 2, 2014
Multi-Size Todder - Lavender
Youth Small - Lavender
Youth Medium - 
Low Rise Small - Bluebell, White
Low Rise Medium - Celery and Seaspray
Low Rise Extra Large - 
Regular Rise Small 
- Bluebell and Lavender
Regular Rise Large 
- Frost Blue, Lavende rand White
Regular Rise Extra Large - Frost Blue
Stuffable Briefs

Adult Large - Bluebell and White
Adult Extra Large
 - Frost Blue, Seaspray and White
AIO Briefs

Medium - Frost Blue

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