Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Sale, Plus Stocking Updates!

As of February 28, Christy is our daughter!  We will be traveling to Bulgaria to bring her home in May!  We are counting the days until she is in our arms again!

To prepare for my time away (2 entire weeks, and I will come home very tired), I have decided to run a sale.  My daughter, Jessica is quite capable to run things for me while I am away, and I will be doing emails and such, but I want to lessen the load while I am gone by running a sale in April, so that sales will taper off in May - and having some extra cash flow before we leave is always good too!

Starting today, March 28, you can use the following Discount Codes to Save on Your Order!
Going4her" will get you 4% off any size order!
"AdoptionIsGr8" will take 8% off orders of $80 or more
"13blessings" will take 13% off orders of $130 or more!

These codes will be good until April 30th!  
Order early for best selection!

Go Shopping Now!

February 28, 2014
Multi-Size Baby - Seaspray
Multi-Size Toddler - Cherry
Youth Medium - Blue Bell, Celery, Frost Blue, White
Low Rise Small - Frost Blue and White 
Low Rise Large - Lavender
Regular Rise Large - White 
Regular Rise Extra Large - Cherry, Frost Blue and Lavender
Small - Cherry
Medium - Frost Blue, Lavender, Cherry and White
Extra Large - Frost Blue and Lavender              Lavender

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